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New Food Truck, Mon!

by Megan Malone posted Oct 3 2013 9:27AM
There’s a new Jamaican food truck in town: Jam Pan has opened for business last July.  From tender pork to jerk chicken, Jam Pan is your one stop (food truck) shop for delicious Jamaican food.  Owners Dirk and Lisa Woods have had a love of the Caribbean culture going back 8 years, when Dirk worked for Yum Brands international doing product development and was assigned a project for KFC Jamaica, developing a seafood line.  That was Dirk’s first real exposure to the Jamaican culture, where he became enamored with the whole scene. In 2011 Dirk left Yum Brands and went to live in Jamaica and returned to Louisville with the passion to share the cuisine with our city.
“Jamaican food is practical food, food that has evolved out of doing the very most with very little you have, really influenced by the African heritage where jerk comes from, Chinese, Indian, and a little bit of Spanish influence” says Dirk Woods.  “There are three ethnic groups in Jamaica really influenced by the African heritage (where jerk comes from), Chinese and Indian, and a little bit of Spanish influence.”
The process of cooking this cuisine starts with “the soak” or 48 hours of marinating the chicken and pork.  Jerking is basically a method a seasoning and a method of cooking using scotch bonnet pepper, scallions, pimento or all spice, citrus juice, garlic.  Then he finished the meat cooked in a pan over hardwood coals, slow and low, with a seared finish.  Check out the truck yourself this Friday at the Dub and Grub event (  with Louisville Beer Store (, which is the last event of the year. 
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10/03/2013 9:35AM
New Food Truck, Mon!
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10/23/2013 12:53PM
Food Truck
You all ought to bring the truck downtown during lunches around market and Jefferson street around 6th street. You all would make a ton of money everyone is going out to lunch and buys on trucks down here. It would be a great change to have something newin the area. Just a thought there are so many people downtown working always going out to eat.
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