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Highland Makeovers

by Megan Malone posted Aug 1 2013 9:43AM

KFC Eleven is a bold experiment happening right smack in the middle of the Highlands is opening up on August 5th.  Why so bold? KFC is removing their bones and biscuits, even giving their mashed potatoes a makeover with by infusing garlic into the a new “smashed” potato mix.  The inside and outside have changed leaning on an earthy feel with wooden paneling and green paint which sort of reminds you of Chipotle.  The meals inside KFC Eleven will be healthier with salads, flatbreads, and rice bowls, their will be free wifi, and KFC is so dedicated to this new fast-casual concept they are already planning a second location.  Are you more likely to go to a KFC Eleven then a normal KFC?

Avalon makeover is coming along.  The owners of Silver Dollar on Frankfort Avenue are continuing to renovate the fallen restaurant Avalon in the Highlands to give Louisville a taste of Mexican street food.  Their new restaurant, El Camino, is planning on opening up later this winter.   El Camino is going to feel like a restaurant in Southern California with authentic Mexican dishes and drinks carved out of coconuts.  Following Silver Dollars lead, El Camino will serve brunch on the weekends.

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08/01/2013 9:52AM
Highland Makeovers
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09/05/2013 1:49PM
thanks for the info, I was wondering what was up. Yes I will try it.
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