Friends and Neighbors | The Podcast

Listen to amazing stories of people making major differences in Kentuckiana.
Listen in for long-form conversations with organizations that are busy making a difference in Kentuckiana.
Vicki explores action, awareness and loss and the struggle against pancreatic cancer.
Vicki talks to a family who turned a small boy's struggle in to an amazing outreach program for kids struggling with cancer.
Dee and Jane stop in with Vicki to discuss the latest projects at the Louisville landmark for adults with disabilities and their upcoming KenDucky Derby Event.
Vicki talks to folks helping improve the lives of many in the Louisville area.
Hear how shoes in Louisville are creating clean water half way across the world.
Vicki chats with the folks from Kentucky Opera about what they are doing in the community.
Vicki talks with a group focused on ending child abuse in Jefferson County.
Hear Sheila Day tell Vicki why and how she started an organization to help single moms in Kentuckiana.
Vicki discovers what B4L is doing to help alternative transportation and environmental efforts in Kentuckiana.
Vicki talks to folks who shed light on the origins and ongoing work of the long-standing Louisville non-profit.
Thousands of Kentucky's children are in crisis, removed from their homes because they have been abused or neglected. For many, Maryhurst is the only answer. Hear their story.
Hear about a unique organization that seeks to help the kids of women who are facing jail time.
Vicki chats with Dave Yarmuth of the Salvation Army about the organization's new local initiatives regarding emergency disaster relief and services.
Vicki explores what the Court Appointed Social Advocates do for the Kentuckiana area.
Hear how one Louisville organization is designing a special event to inspire young girls to use their creative powers!
Hear the story of an organization that came about to help the often forgotten age group that battles cancer - young adults.
Vicki talks with LPTC about what they are doing to help kids in Kentuckiana.
Vick talks with folks from the Voices choir.
Vicki Rogers chats with Max from New Directions Housing Corporation about the Repair Affair program and efforts to help fix houses for those who can't get it done.
Vicki Rogers investigates the Free2Hope organization to find out what they are doing to make a difference.
Kids aren't always up to no good... Find out about how one organization in Louisville is pushing kids to make a difference.
Vicki Rogers talks to special folks in Kentuckiana who have taken it on themselves to make sure kids throughout the area really get shown the holiday spirit they deserve.
Vicki Rogers talks to Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky about the services they offer to those dealing with the big C.
Hear how a 9 year old in Shelbyville, KY was inspired to start making a difference for her fellow kids and classmates and has now changed the lives of over 250 people!
Find out what one organization is doing to help soldiers and their families right here in Kentucky.
Hear how local tennis players are taking a stand against cancer.
Hidden on Dixie Highway, Harbor House works hard to help adults with disabilities find their place in the local community. Hear the full story.
Discover an organization at work right here in Louisville that wants to make sure those who serve our country are served as well.
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